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3 definitions by IM2

A penis that has ejaculated and has cum dripping down its shaft.
"Man, that chick is sucking him so hard it looks like he is gonna have a creamcicle soon."
by IM2 April 04, 2006
35 5
Typically a professional female who can be easily encouraged to have sex at the office. Often such sexual encounters are nooners. The term also applies to women who wear revealing clothes at the office that foster sexual thoughts.
"Max, look at Tina bend over by the copier. Oh, my, you can see that girl's camel toe under her skirt. What an office tart."
by IM2 April 04, 2006
28 11
Among a group of two or more couples, to swap means to trade partners for the explicit purpose of engaging in sexual relations with a different partner. See also group sex and orgy.
"Mary has always been flirting with my husband Jim. Because I have always fancied her husband Bob, I asked her if she wanted to come over and have a swap."
by IM2 April 04, 2006
61 46