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A master of the custodial arts. Or a janitor, if you wanna be a dick about it...give those Custodial Engineer's a break!
"Thurgood Jenkins: Guys just shutup about the weed for two seconds, I don't want this girl to know I smoke
Scarface: Yeah it's bad enough you a janitor yo.
Thurgood Jenkins: Custodian, dick!"

"I'm a Custodial Engineer...not a janitor!"
"ooo you make your job sound special..."
by IIIIXIII313 October 12, 2007
Verb. To pull an Austin Powers - A multi-point turn that leads to being stuck and having the start over...or eventually being set free after 5+ attempts.
"dammit this fucking truck is too big...look at this shit, I pulled an Austin Powers!"
by IIIIXIII313 August 22, 2007
Verb. when two or more friends stick there hands on there gouch and attempt to smack the others in the face. very violent and can sometimes be very dangerous and smelly.
A: "what you doing with ur hand in your pants?"
B: "just scratching myself dude"
A: "oh okay yeah cool, fag"
B: "Gouch War bitch!"
A: "Ah fuck! i'm not ready aaaahhh"
by IIIIXIII313 August 22, 2007
An Ultimate Greebster is someone we all know...it is that friend who comes over and will go through your pantry and fridge with absolutly no cognitive thoughts regarding the fact that the food or drinks are not theirs...they rarely will ask and more often than not you let it slip by and never say anything at all...until they leave
"hey roomie Brian said he is going to stop by..."
"awh dude I just got grocery's and what do you know here comes the Ultimate Greebster!"
"oh shit your right...well lets just make him play Halo right when he walks in so his Greebster ass won't eat all our food!"
by IIIIXIII313 November 01, 2007

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