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3 definitions by IHATECATS

also known as a man hug. when two friends hug, no homo
Joe: hey man long time no see
Tim: ya my cat died
Joe: Come here man time for a menbrace
by IHATECATS July 06, 2010
Do you ever try to write something, but words can't fully justify it? I'm writing about you, but I don't think anything I could put down on paper could fully express how much of a positive impact you've made on me. When I came to college I had no one. I needed a friend, one that would not judge me even with all the flaws I have; you are that friend. I expressed myself as the person I really am, and you accepted me. For that, I am forever grateful. Of all the people I've met here at college, you are one of the ones I am the most comfortable around. And in the few days we've had together, you became the best friend I could ever ask for. You're an intelligent, remarkable, beautiful girl. And I love you. Please always remember that.
My new roommate is voye
by Ihatecats August 30, 2012
Blakely is Sexy Beast and has Sexy Beast Syndrome
by IHatecats October 17, 2013