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A portmanteau of mangled and discombobulated, it can mean anything from the simple confusion of losing your keys, tripping over the dog and then pouring your coffee on your cereal, or ending up thinking you have 7 legs after a rave.
"Wow, Steve was sure mangulated last night, did you see him trying to have sex with that phone booth?"
by IAMTHECAKE September 05, 2012
To waste time by playing with yourself in a hedonistic but ultimately pointless way.
"Some people think all I do is procrasturbate because I sit here telling myself I'm the only one who can be right and it makes me hard"

"I was going to watch a documentary on our planet to help inspire me for my thesis, but then I saw that skinflixxxx had a free ten minute preview so I ended up procrasturbating"

"That guy Kevin is such a procrasturbater, all he does is sit around playing sad classical music drinking gin whilst crying that nobody likes him"
by IAMTHECAKE June 14, 2013

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