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A fUnNy AsS mOvIe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anchorman is the funniest ass-movie in the entire world.
by Hyper Chick February 14, 2005
1. Sometimes used in England and Australia as a synonym for "Friend".

2. A movie my friend who I will call L and her sister who I will call A made and it was really bad but funny to watch because we played like every character and we tried to feed A to a vicious chipmunk and it was very mental but fun.
L, A and I: Hahahaah

L and A's mom: What are you laughing at

L: Mates
by Hyper Chick January 21, 2005
Someone who is very odd in my class who I will call P made out with a sock, but then the sock made out with another sock, and then she saw and cried, thus, the sock affair.
People who make out with socks are very scary
by Hyper Chick January 21, 2005
A cool song I never knew existed. I am listening to it right now. It is cool.
Me to my friend: Hey what are you listening to?

Friend: Gigolo.

Me: What???

Friend: this (gives me headphones)

Me: cool.
by Hyper Chick December 08, 2004

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