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To fix something in a cheap way.
He ghetto rigged his car.

Don't ghetto rig your car.
by HybridFlare June 20, 2005
To hold somthing with your hand(s) in a constant position so tight and long that blood rushes away from your knuckles and they become pale and sweaty.
He was white knucklin' the steering wheel.

That new video game will give you white knuckles.
by HybridFlare September 16, 2005
1. To say somthing about somebody or somthing in a negative way sometimes in a joke, also known as a cut down.
I cant believe she put him down like that.

A good put down is, your mom is like a racecar, she burns 4 rubbers in one night.
by HybridFlare June 20, 2005
A situation in which weapons, espcially guns, are pointed or aimed at a number of persons by a number of persons.
There's a mexican stand off in the movie True Romance.
by HybridFlare June 20, 2005
(noun): A vehicle with painted and unpainted body parts.
When is J.R. going to fix that frozen chameleon?
by HybridFlare June 20, 2005
Similar to stuck up but referring to a cold hearted female especially a ho.
Man, she is cold up!
by HybridFlare June 20, 2005
To randomly dismiss or "put down" something or someone disliked personally.

Slap for that guy wearing that hat.
by HybridFlare June 20, 2005

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