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The excessive warming of a guy's genitals when using a laptop computer.
"Dude, I was using my laptop playing WOW and I got so much meat heat, I had to take a break"
by Hurtt January 16, 2009
the backward counting in fixed time units until the bitch you are trying to fuck will give up the snatch.
"I just spent 100 dollars on dinner for this whore, let the cuntdown begin!"
by Hurtt January 20, 2009
A place to store, whether in the mind or actually in your phone/blackberry the name/contact info of a very attractive person that you want to have sex with that has not yet reached the legal age of consent.
"I know Parker is only 16, but he is so freakin' hot...I gotta put him in my tickler file and hit that when he turns 18!!"
by Hurtt January 18, 2009

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