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the backward counting in fixed time units until the bitch you are trying to fuck will give up the snatch.
"I just spent 100 dollars on dinner for this whore, let the cuntdown begin!"
by Hurtt January 20, 2009
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1. A list of girls to sleep with, which you count down until you've slept with all of them

2. Alternative to Bitch Fight or Cat Fight

3. As two words (cunt down), what you yell when a girl at a party passes out
"How's the cuntdown going Jeremy?"
"5 down, 6 to go"

"Look out yo there's bout to be a cuntdown in the parking lot"

by that'srightiactuallydidit April 10, 2010
When a human or animal female lies flat on her belly with her legs spread so that her cunt touches the surface.
My dog just lied cunt down on the floor.
by somedude23 May 02, 2011

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