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A survival horror video game. The game features an extremely easy starting area that only one person has failed to complete. See zotted
We all laughed when zot failed to get out of the starting area of Dead Space 2.
by Hurr_Walnuts June 28, 2011
To "zotlike" something is to say you like it, but in reality you hate whatever that thing is. For example, "I zotlike how difficult the starting area of dead space 2 is." See zotted
I zotlike how I was diagnosed with cancer.
by Hurr_Walnuts July 24, 2011
A zotproblem is a problem that might seem important to you, but in general is meaningless and trivial to the rest of society. See zotted
I can never get past this dang starting area of dead space 2. It's a real zotproblem with me.
by Hurr_Walnuts August 08, 2011
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