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A creative step toward success.
I started cheating in primary school.
by HuhWhat February 02, 2006
See "lolicon". A term used for someone who suffers (or enjoys) from Lolita Complex.
I love little girls...
by HuhWhat February 04, 2004
Partial of Sugaina (Sweet)

L33t nickname for l33t peeps only
Sugai is l33t on MIRC and Rei-net.
by huhwhat February 11, 2005
Collect up all your semen in a jar. Over time it'll turn a thick copious white. After sealing the jar and attaching a nice ribbon around it, mail it to the girl you've been stalking for the past several months. Then revel in the imagination of her biting down upon a piece of toast smeared with your love.
I received some white marmalade through my mail yesterday and it tasted awful. That guy needs more protein in his diet.
by HuhWhat January 30, 2006

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