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A political comic strip in the newspapers.
The Boondocks is friggin hilarious!
by huh? March 29, 2004
To fuck a girl (or a guy, if thats what floats your boat)
JL: Yo who thats girl over there?
GM: That's DJ's cousin, nigga
JL: I don't give a shit, I'd jump on that, I ain't scared of that nigga
by huh? December 29, 2004
A Man that is beyond his own time.
Don't you wish you could be Mister King Boo?
by Huh? December 03, 2004
A saying that means to hop off someones back or to get out of someones business.
"Hey man hop off my meat before i kick your ass!"
by huh? October 09, 2004
to be safe and funny
look at him
by huh? March 07, 2003
(short for contributing to society):
1)What everty warm-blooded college graduate/Silicon Valley inhabitant (who can pay his rent), man, woman, and child should be doing;
2)the act of helping your fellow man;
3)giving positive input;
4)making life better for everyone;
5)tax evasion;
President elect: "Ya'll oughta cown-tree-bute!"
me/you: I contribute every year and every waking moment of my life which I personally strive to make as beneficial to men of all walks of life (avoid adding the obvious "especially the poor").
by Huh? May 28, 2004
being a damned fool
Some communitarian moron:
"So what're ya doin' tonite Johnny?"
"I'm contributng to the community tonight"
by Huh? May 28, 2004

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