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A drinking game very similar to Kings. Cards are spread out in a circle face down, and each card chosen has a different rule attached to it. If you fail, you drink: a sip, a shot, your choice, but the game goes fast once you learn it so be careful. Highly customizable, but these are our rules:

Ace: Rhyme. Whoever picks the card says a sentence, and the next in line (clockwise) has to rhyme the sentence. Continue until someone fucks up.

King: Rule. Make up whatever rule you want - standard ideas from Kings or other drinking games are fine, but the more creative the better.

Queen: Queen bitch. Whoever has the queen has to display it prominently on their body somewhere, and must fetch everyone a drink when they need it. To pass the queen on, you must get someone to answer a question of yours. The only safe response to a question from the Queen Bitch is "fuck off."

Jack: Category. Think up a category, then go round the table naming something in the category until someone fails.

2-10: There are specialty rules, and you are encouraged to make up your own for cards that do not have them. However, if there is no given rule, the standard is: pull a black card and you drink, pull a red card and you give a drink. It can always be one drink, or it can match the number on the card if you have enough people/are alcoholics. Number cards with special rules are given below.

8: Joke. Tell a joke to the group. If anyone laughs, they have to drink. If no one laughs, you have to drink.

7: Bottle. Starting with the card puller, count off from one clockwise. Every time you get to a number that is either a multiple of 7, or has 7 in it (17 for instance) that person has to instead say "bottle" and the counting reverses. Whoever fucks up drinks.

5: Cowboy. There are four moves. The card puller initiates this rule with a "yee-haw" in whichever direction they choose, and the next person has to continue the "yee-haw" in an enthusiastic manner. This continues the game in the same direction. However, one can choose to "hoedown" by shouting the word while bringing their arms down to their sides as if doing a pull-up. This reverses the direction of play. The third move is the "Hay barn", where one makes a barn over their head with their arms, which skips the next person in line and jumps to the second in line, who must then do a move. The final move, which is a last resort when everyone is too sober to fuck up, is "Snake in my Boots!" If someone yells this, everyone must immediately stand up, or jump if standing, and the last to do so loses. Whoever fails to continue this game must drink.

3: Sheepie. Imagine counting up from one, but in roman numerals - i.e. you would say I, then I I (aye aye), then I I I, then I V (eye vee.) and so on. However, rather than I, V and X, you must instead say sheepie, fuck me, and harder. Continue counting up until someone fails, who then drinks. For instance, six (VI) would be "fuck me sheepie" and fourteen (XIV) would be "harder sheepie fuck me."

If anyone breaks the circle by causing cards not to touch continuously, they must also drink. Another rule sometimes added includes a drink of some sort in the middle, which the breaker of the circle must drink. Some people also balance their cards on the drink in the middle, and whoever makes them fall has to consume the middle drink.

Mix rules to taste.
Christ, the definition is long enough already. The faster you get at playing Circle of Death, the more fun it is. Don't overthink it, it's still a drinking game.
by Huahh July 10, 2008

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