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4 definitions by Hoyce

what you do to get yourself out of a shituation
"What we're gonna do about the GW shituation is rectumify it by voting his ass out of office."
by Hoyce May 03, 2008
The probable weight gain of a 20-something woman after marriage and a couple of kids.
Mandy is very pretty and shapely, but with that ass, she definitely has porktential.
by Hoyce April 11, 2011
A light-hearted way of mispronouncing and misspelling "guys." A careless and funny-if-you-like-it alternative to the tired old word "guys."
Hey, gays, have a nice night!

Do any of you gays have any idea what is going on around here?

Officer, I think you should ask that group of gays over there what happened.
by Hoyce May 02, 2011
It's apparently a contraction, without the apostrophes, of "for example."

I read this and didn't see this definition in your dictionary, so I thought I'd add it.
Before you go on this hunt, be very certain that you REALLY want to know the cause. Obits sometimes leave this out out of concern for the family--forex, few obits will mention AIDS. I had a relative executed by firing squad. Would reading he died by being executed or of AIDS make you feel better?
by hoyce October 08, 2009