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3 definitions by Howlie

self harm is the act of harming the self.
This can include cuttiing, burning alcohol, drug or solvent abuse, self brusing and hair pulling triciollomania mongst other things. It is a coping method not a failed suicide attempt or a sign of being "emo"
Im worried about Janet, I think shes started to self-harm, she hasnt taken her hoodie off all summer.
by Howlie February 20, 2008
A small downloadable applicaiton avialable for forums which allows memebers and guests to converse, alot like an open MSN or AIM messenger service. It is free.
Hey Ali, C box now, we need to talk.
by Howlie July 10, 2008
A combination of the words rad and random to define something which is randomly rad.
That tony hawk is so totally radnom dude
by Howlie July 10, 2008