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a person with this 2nd name has successful parents. the usually like music, more the rock/punk variety. they dont like neds on a whole but a few they fink r ok!
my 2nd name is woodroffe therefore i hav sucessful parents
my 2nd name is woodroffe so i like punk rock music
by howie April 23, 2005
placing ones open palm next to the female genetalia, then doing with you fingers what you would do if u were trying to force feed a horse. basically flicking the bean.
chantelle was feeding her pony when jack walked in, and was sick at the sight.
by howie December 01, 2003
a cigarette lighter. usuall u ask for a lig, when u have got a mig(cigarette)
gimme a lig.
can i have a lig for my mig.
by howie November 30, 2003
A type of elite heavy European cavalry who carried the Cuirass ( A type of sword )and often wore breast plates. Often looked down on firearms as weapons of the infantry preferring to use their swords in combat.
Napoleon's Cuirassiers kicked ass in the Austrian campaign of 1809
by Howie February 25, 2005
Norwegian slang for "dick", usually meant for smaller "versions".
You have a small pikk.
by Howie August 05, 2004
See AWP. It's the same thing.
"Stop using the AWM, it's a weapon for newbies!"
by Howie February 07, 2005
a cigaretter, fag,snap or brown
can i have a mig.
i smoked too many migs last night.
by howie November 30, 2003

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