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Norwegian for lol, "Ler ut høyt".
<Donny> You suck!
<Bill> LUH!
by Howie August 08, 2004
Something highly destetable is inflickted upon you. This is ahem. Often associated with a hand movement,whereby your hand is held close to your top lip, flat,palm down.
someone had put lewis' bag in his favourite recycle bin.
howard:'hahahahaaa gutted lewis, i hate lush and greenpeace'
by howie November 30, 2003
When you're a "DeAcH", you're a cheater in Call of Duty.
TlOSgt. Pølse: /set aimheads
YrLSgt. Tiss: DAMNED DeAcH!
by Howie March 16, 2004
Antisocial. Marissa is not a social person. She will stare at you when you talk to her and may have a mental disability. Not all marissa's are this way but you will find that most are. Marissa likes naming things with three first names. (see example) Marissa also has a ginger friend, karly.
Marissa named a fish Billy Dave Allen.
by HOWIE August 14, 2012
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