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lots of pleasure
it doesnt matter what the weather
when a dick goes into the vagina
make sure you go where no one can find ya
when a guy gets horny
just dont let it get corny
and dont forget to use protection
a condom is a good suggestion
so dont mistake me
sex is a great thing
and go on ahead dont keep waitin'
ohbaby! i want you so bad!!!
c'mon hunnie get right on top of me while im still horny!!
by HOTTIEwithaBODY May 26, 2005
Anyone who suffers from short person syndrome. Which is a sickness that results in cockiness and the thought that they are better than other people because they have to make up for their height (or something else if you know what I mean) by being cocky.
Man that guy is such a Derek.

John: He is a Derek because he has a short wiener.
Mary: It's true, I have seen it, well, I tried to see it, but
couldn't find it.

by Hottiewithabody March 31, 2007

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