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Term used to describe a dilapidated or abandoned building, mostly used in reference to a school. The dirtier or more run-down the building, the more it is "EKC".
This place is such an EKC.
by Horvat August 16, 2005
a high school in victoria.
it stands for
essonden keilor collage. ekc is what everyone in the area calls it
there are three campuses:
Niddrie (years 7-10)
East keilor (years 7-10)
Essonden (years 11-12)
person 1: what school do u go 2?

person 2:ekc
by Bella Marie Swan Cullen March 19, 2011
Origin: Eastman Kodak Company (legendary)
Highly Photogenic
and, or
Visually exceptional
1. Can I meet her? She's EKC.
2. This house amazing, it's EKC.
3. You had to be there, it was EKC.
by American Express November 05, 2009
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