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12 definitions by Horse Nipple

Profanity that is appropriate for only the worst situations in life.
Doctor: "Sir, I'm afraid you caught Herpes...from Martha Stewart."
Dude: "Aww! Shitty ass piss-cube shitballs on a cum-cracker dick guzzling butt-cup poop-dump Michelle Kwan goddammit nipple-fuck!"
by Horse Nipple March 13, 2008
A term used to describe something that is awesome beyond words.

Used in My Way Entertainment's Ghostbusters parody.

Variants include but are not limited to:
Mutha fuckin' JAM!
JAM, nigga!
Crazy Bastard #1: "Charles Manson was Mutha fuckin' JAM!"
Crazy Bastard #2: "Naw, naw! Jeffrey Dahmer was JAM, nigga!"
by Horse Nipple March 13, 2008
This is what Chocaholics are addicted to.
"Beware the dangers of consuming large quantities of chocahol."
by Horse Nipple March 10, 2008
A used condom, flushed down the toilet that, somehow, made it past the sewage treatment facility, and is floating in the rivers and streams of Oklahoma.
Billy-Bob: "Hey, d'you go fishin' down yonder't tha river?"
Jimmy-James: "Yeah, all I caught was an Oklahoma Jellyfish."
by Horse Nipple August 11, 2009
Spooge, Semen, Cum, Penis pudding, sperm.

Get it?
"Ms. Lewenski, there's Wang snot on your dress."
by Horse Nipple March 13, 2008
Doing something crazy such as almost running over a drunk as he's taking a piss, causing him to jump into the pond he was pissing in. That act, my friend, would be ape-ass crazy.
"Heh... Y- y'alls Ape-ass crazy!" - a dude named Billy
by Horse Nipple March 13, 2008
Taking a humongous shit.

Sometimes to Vanilla Ice's Ice, Ice Baby
"Dude, he's been in there Dropping a Gangster for 30 minutes now."
by Horse Nipple March 13, 2008