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Man's dildo, for insertion in the urethra. Generally smaller/thinner than a traditional dildo.
"Have you seen 'Kids in the Sandbox'? That mildo really reamed out that guys jap's eye."
by Horace October 27, 2004
Noun used to describe those little things that you never know precisely how to express.
1. Do you call common objects whatchamacallits? ...
by Horace November 14, 2003
Short for Elphaba, the little-known name of the Wicked Witch of the East in the Wizard of Oz. Used as a nickname for supremely bitchy women, to avoid disclosing their acual name in phone conversations, emails, letters, etc.
Can you believe Elfie stabbed Kastler in the back like that? What a biotch!
by horace September 23, 2004

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