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Everyone who lives here refers to Oakville as a bubble, but in reality, they're all just in denial that they make up this so called bubble. Most of the girls here are obsessed with the OC, and Abercrombie and Fitch. The boys are obsessed with poker, and pretending that they don't watch the OC.
Oakville kid: "Mommy! I spilt my starbucks coffee in the lexus."
Mother: "Than take the other other Lexus."
by Hoontar April 14, 2005
Being called emo only by those who have limited or no knowledge about modern musical genres, Protest the Hero is an incredible metal band, however, not in the traditional sense as defined by most metal head fans of bands such as Dragonforce. Nobody is required to enjoy Protest the Hero, but a little respect is the least one could offer to one of the most musically talented groups to come out of Ontario in as long as I can remember.
Dragonforce fan: "Isn't Protest the Hero emo?"

Hunter: "Well they must be if they're selling black sweatshirts - right moron?"
by Hoontar May 25, 2006
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