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5 definitions by Homoriffic

see god, jesus, savior

That famous owl that goes orly. Has many cousins such as the Yarly, Nowai, Yawai, and other such owls
Orlyism is a religion that is centered around the Orly Owl
by Homoriffic December 10, 2006
267 46
A proven myth. Everybody knows negroes don't exist, they died out a long time ago
When we took Jimmy to go see the negroes there weren't any left
by Homoriffic December 10, 2006
95 37
A supposedly mythical creature that causes lag. Said to have been only seen by veterans of the internets
Mommmmmmmmmy I had that nightmare again with the lag monster.. can I hug my modem...
by Homoriffic December 10, 2006
27 1
1. Sarcasm
2. What people with no lives think about the internets
We were shocked when that n00b didn't realise the internet is serious business :O
by Homoriffic December 12, 2006
42 31
Something that is terrific in a gay way
Wow that skirt looks fagoriffic on you John!
by Homoriffic December 05, 2006
4 0