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see god, jesus, savior

That famous owl that goes orly. Has many cousins such as the Yarly, Nowai, Yawai, and other such owls
Orlyism is a religion that is centered around the Orly Owl
by Homoriffic December 10, 2006
A proven myth. Everybody knows negroes don't exist, they died out a long time ago
When we took Jimmy to go see the negroes there weren't any left
by Homoriffic December 10, 2006
A supposedly mythical creature that causes lag. Said to have been only seen by veterans of the internets
Mommmmmmmmmy I had that nightmare again with the lag monster.. can I hug my modem...
by Homoriffic December 10, 2006
1. Sarcasm
2. What people with no lives think about the internets
We were shocked when that n00b didn't realise the internet is serious business :O
by Homoriffic December 12, 2006
Something that is terrific in a gay way
Wow that skirt looks fagoriffic on you John!
by Homoriffic December 05, 2006

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