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Something that brings the "boys" to the "yard"
Raoul: Who was that fine looking gentleman I saw at your domicile just last evening?
Tamika: Just a boy who wanted a sip of my milkshake.
by Holy Moses Roller Brigade March 13, 2008
This is like sayin that's whats up.
Kam: I scored a hundred points yesterday in the basketball game.
Bill Cosby: Yaka yaka f'sugardale.
by Holy Moses Roller Brigade March 14, 2008
An amalgam of the words "crazy" and "high."
Dre: Blaze this up, we about to get crigh.
Bob: Word. Then we gonna get crunk.
by Holy Moses Roller Brigade March 13, 2008
English translation of a popular French phrase, used in reference to an unknown or illogical attraction one has to a person, place, or thing.
Salvadore: Bro, what's the deal with you and those Tofu dogs you are consistently scarfing?
Yanni: Dude, you got me. They just have this certain I don't know what.
by Holy Moses Roller Brigade March 13, 2008
The opposite of flying solo. This occurs whenever beginning a venture involving multiple parties that need to be pleased, whether in the context of relationships, business dealings, or what have you.
Tom: I heard you and Susie decided to start seeing other people.
Jesus: Yeah, we're pretty much flying multiple.
by Holy Moses Roller Brigade March 13, 2008
1) A phrase, originated by Kurt Vonnegut, that now refers to one's clumsiness in reference to dropping objects or tripping/falling down.

2)Having an erection at an inopportune time.
God: Man, I keep dropping stuff.
Shiva: Must be a high gravity day.

Lucy: Check out Tom trying to hide his high gravity day!
Sally: What a wanker.
by Holy Moses Roller Brigade March 13, 2008
A resident of an urban environment who only seems to come out at night, and then they seem to creep and lurk around, frightening visitors and young children.
Paul: What's up with Stew lately? I haven't seen him around.
Janice: He has taken to sleeping all day and going out all night, just walking around.
Paul: What a total urban zombie.
Janice: For Sure.
by Holy Moses Roller Brigade March 13, 2008

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