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n. Acronym for "Southern Maryland InBred". Refers primarily to the residents of St. Mary's Co Maryland, who are obsessed with lite beer, pro wrestling, and NASCAR.
See that SMIB in the Trans Am parked in front of the mobile home?
by Holden McCrank January 31, 2003
v. To take a shitty jap car, add some Vtech stickers, spoiler, and fuck up the camber.
I just spent $12000 ricing up a $8000 piece of shit.
by Holden McCrank April 29, 2003
Extremely bitchy or useless woman. So-called because an ankle is two feet lower than a cunt.
Fuckin' ankle just cut me off!
by Holden McCrank January 31, 2003
n. bullets
Let's peel some caps back, yo.
by Holden McCrank March 14, 2003
adj. Blessed with bountiful breasts.
Damn! That chick is juggy!
by Holden McCrank February 01, 2003
adj. Used to describe a television show dealing with drugs, incest, rape, molestation, or drinking.
Tonight on a very special "Different Strokes," Arnold takes it up the ass by that old dude from "WKRP."
by Holden McCrank January 04, 2005
n. An enormously large, or overused, vagina. Origin: in the British TV series "Dr. Who," the TARDIS was a time machine that was deceptively larger on the inside than the outside.
Christ! That hooker I picked up last night sure was a tardis twat.
by Holden McCrank March 14, 2003

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