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A Common red neck practice. Consists of jizzing on ones hand, followed by a clean open handed slap across the face
After Billy Bo was done pushing his twin sister in the ass, he gave her a chocolate boston cream pie

Steve didnt know what to do one day, so he indulged himself to a boston cream pie
by Hokai May 01, 2005
To rabidly mutilate a washroom facility with ones larger then life excretions
Ohh damn, i just dropped a Carl that totally bombed that shitter

My ass was so sore after i bombed that can, it felt like my ass belonged to a 7'5 Black man with a 10 inch dick...around
by Hokai April 28, 2005
A person who is such a sucker for attention, he'll do anything
That guy is such a weeb, that he would bend over backwards and tongue his own balls while singing God Save The queen
by Hokai April 28, 2005

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