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Something that is so incredily crappy that you marvel at how something could ever be that spectacularly crappy, hence craptackular.
This foriegn exchange I am on is so craptacklar that I actually was had nothing better to do then write a deffinition for craptackular.
by Hilbo_the_Clown March 21, 2004
Large dangerous mammal, consisting of the face, arms, and legs of a monkey, and the body of a pickle. Highly dangerous when provoked. Very rare. If you ever see a Picklemonkey, it is already too late.
Dave was eaten by a Picklemonkey.
by Hilbo_the_Clown March 22, 2004
High waterproof boots used for walking in deep water. Also a term to describe hip-waders. Can be used in below context to describe the gretness of something.
Bob - Did you see that game last night?
Ed - Yeah! It totally rocked my bog-beaters!!!
by Hilbo_the_Clown March 21, 2004

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