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A dark haired handsome man.. about average height, with dark eyes and a five o'clock shadow. Mike is as charming as they come...speaking of which he is known to pull really strange faces at times.
He will make you smile and laugh really hard, so much so you will end up fizzing pop up your nose (if you were drinking).. its ok though he is really nerdy too.

He has the most awesome taste in films and music and is a god of knowledge..well most of the time! They normally have around 9 dogs simply because they cant say no to puppy dog eyes as they posess such a big heart.

The more you get to know Mike the harder you fall for him.
He keeps things real and is such a genuine person who puts others before himself.
Amy: ''wanna spoon under my duvet?''
Mike: ''Ummm. Whats a duvet?''
by High.Cockalorum January 07, 2011

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