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The act of stretching one's scrotal skin and bouncing the penis repeatedly on it for a large audience, preferably unsuspecting churchgoers...or an elementary school.
The sermon was interrupted when a man stood and entertained the congregation for hours with his mouse on a trampoline.
by Hi-Definition July 12, 2009
1. To quit something to pursue higher aspirations, while not realizing that you were horrible at what you did to start with.

2. The ironic act of someone who is unfit to perform a public duty quitting and somehow gaining more public recognition.
Sarah Palin is retarded...not in any reference to her obvious DNA she passed on.


The Senator from South Dakota was caught in a sexual scandal, so he is Palin out of his post and is now all over the news.
by Hi-Definition July 12, 2009
1. A dilute amount of bleach on a clear band-aid, which remove color from one's teeth making it appear as if the enamel is white and shiny, as to distract others from the user's greater insecurities.

2. The single greatest invention for bulimics.
Sentence: The model maintained sparkling white teeth by using a whitestrip after throwing up each meal.

Question: Why don't the British, at least, use whitestrips?
by Hi-Definition July 18, 2009

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