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a combination of letters and numbers for concealing the fact that you are saying penis
After jerking the jerk Kevin's pen15 was tired.
by Hey Sixman May 07, 2005
adj--describing something that is fucking awesome
Yo man, those rims are bonz.
by Hey Sixman May 06, 2005
spanish for "two mustaches" but also a slang term for playing golf
Hey let's go down to the drving range for some dos bigotes.
by Hey Sixman May 07, 2005
verb. to become aroused over someone or something.
The boy groaned as he herned over a picture of an attractive female.
by Hey Sixman May 07, 2005
a word that can be used in place of words you can't think of when you are excited
Dude that nation bitch is nation...damn she was so freaking nation.
by Hey Sixman May 06, 2005
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