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6 definitions by Hellaphunt


1. A strict narration using only emote icons.
Sorry, but I cannot provide an example for emotales on such a limiting canvas.
by Hellaphunt September 18, 2008
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1. An acronym for - Politically Correct Instant Messaging.

a)Typical instant messaging etiquette while using a corporate or government ran network.
"PCIMing is so frrking ghey! It sucks not being able to say 'bawrlz', 'kwhim', and 'Fr*nch k*ss*ng' doesn't it?"
by Hellaphunt September 18, 2008
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1. Any statement with comedic intent that is actually such the opposite that it suppress any laughter whatsoever.

2. Something extremely unfunny.
Having joked about how funny it would be to catch someone engaging in sexual acts with a human corpse, Bill Bob immediately regretted going this far to amuse his friends. Negalawl all over his friends' faces.
by Hellaphunt September 18, 2008
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1. Any individual making a conscious effort to have all-male get togethers.

2. A gay male who engages in all-male orgies.
Trisomy21 and ianhall77 are a couple of cockherders looking for a sausage beating.
by Hellaphunt September 18, 2008
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1. When two or more people acknowledge the other's discovery of humor in something that is absolutely serious, of course, without the utterance of anything but a chuckle.
Through telepathetic acknowledgement, an inevitable giggle sounded from the two when a paraplegic entered the room.
by Hellaphunt September 18, 2008
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-classless word

1. Hand
a) "5" in Thai is pronounced "ha".
b) % is a typo for &.
I can sure use a 5% job right now.
by Hellaphunt September 18, 2008
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