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Infamous superhero known for roaming the unforgiving streets and deficating on front porches in numerous major cities.
Sometime during the night, Bob turned into Pooper Dave and hit his head on the sidewalk.
by Heinz 57 August 27, 2003
A form of chiefing in which the person, who is passed out, receives a circular mayo squirt around their eye.
When the Fillipino baron awoke, he found that he fell asleep with his mayonaise monocle still on his face.
by Heinz 57 August 27, 2003
Someone who finds entertainment of ruing the game of his friends. Otherwise known as a giant cock-block.
Mike thought it would be funny to tell the group of girls that his friend was gay.
by Heinz 57 August 27, 2003
Alias for someone with a larger than normal manhood.
When she first met Dave, she had no idea that she would meet Hugh Jackson as well.
by Heinz 57 August 27, 2003
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