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A person who studies hard to be able to drink more than anyone else while in school, then makes more money than the same people in the workforce
man why does an engineer make so much money for learning to drink a case in a night
by Heff January 22, 2004
an excellent way to pass the time at work. meet people, hit them with sticks. can be found at www.stickfight.net
I didn't get any work done today - I was just stick fighting.
by heff February 24, 2005
The study of black pride filmograpy, specifically the movie the whiz. A wizard of oz remake
Man I'm glad we watched the whiz in whysics, i feel so proud of my culture now
by heff January 23, 2004
the awesomest man EVAR.
Brad Pitt is sexy, but he's no Mhykol.
by heff February 24, 2005

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