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4 definitions by HeadPoolieInCharge

adj. - The look/facial expression on a girl's face that she can easily manipulate, so when she meets your parents, they will think she is the sweetest girl, however, when you bring her around your boys, they realize that she is a complete freak in the sheets. Other females completely hate on this type of girl because they cannot pull it off themselves.
Morgan: "Why is Larry with that skankface? She looks like such a slut."
Brandon: "Damn she's a freak, why can't I find a chick like that? She'd let me hit it all night, plus my mom would love her."
by HeadPoolieInCharge June 20, 2010
23 4
v. - This phrase can be used in almost any situation, ranging from extreme disgust in one's self, to having a high chlorine level in a pool, or to having a very eldery motorist slowing down traffic ahead. This phrase can be used in a sentence all by itself, or it can be said right in the middle of other words in the same sentence.
Tony: "C'mon ya old bag! She's gotta be going the same way i'm going! Go right on shit my ass red! I'm in a hurry to make signs for the field days!"

Larry: "The chlorine is too high, we can't open the pool today."
Tony: "Shit my ass, just tell the kids to not open their eyes."
by HeadPoolieInCharge June 27, 2010
20 10
adj. - This is a term used to describe a band girl that mainly plays a wind instrument, however, she blows "other things" very well. She is addicted to sex just as much as she is committed to her music. They love to use their instruments on their partners in bed, but it is highly unlikely that they would admit to this due to it being frowned upon by their conductors and result in bringing about shame and disgust reflecting on the entire band. Symphos are known for giving the best, most unbelievable head, but because this type of girl is very rare to come across, most guys will refuse it knowing that head from any other girl will feel downright unpleasurable.
Holly: "Why haven't the fireworks started? The symphony ended ten minutes ago."
Cal: "There must be a sympho in the band."
Larry: "Man I got head from a symphomaniac once, let me tell you that is simply the best feeling in the world!"
by HeadPoolieInCharge July 11, 2010
11 2
v. - This is the act of handing out baskets to children for them to place their personal belongings into while they go swimming at a public pool. Back in the day, (2) girls were hired to do this job for minimum wage, however the job is now terminated. The recent economic downfall was first blamed for these (2) young ladies to lose their professions, but it was eventually determined that this job deserved less than minimum wage, actually no pay at all. Basketeering still occurs today, but it is done by anyone, even the children themselves, which is why stolen property has increased 200% since 2006.
TugBoat: "I'm missing $15 from my basket, i believe somebody stole it."
Larry: "Mergum bought all the other kids $15 worth of soda this morning, i bet it was him, i'll ask."
Mergum: "No, my dad gave me $15 to take my girlfriend out to dinner."
Chrissie: "You're 10 years old, you can't even drive."
Mergum: "You guys suck at basketeering."
by HeadPoolieInCharge July 05, 2010
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