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See the bubbles.
"Bubbles" alone has no urban meaning. However, added "the" in front brings it to life.
"Damnn, that was the bubbles! Show me that again!"
by HayyItsRay August 18, 2009
Variation of the term nigga, used to refer to a person of Asian descent. If someone is your ninja, he/she is your Asian friend who you are comfortable with.
"Hey, this ninja over here just got us some nice seats!"
"I'm gonna bounce. See you later, ninja."
"Ninja, you don't know what you're talkin' about."
by HayyItsRay August 19, 2009
The best. AKA The shit.
Used in the same way one would use "the shit". Remember that including "the" is key to this phrase.
"This restaurant is the bubbles!"
"Man, his house will be the bubbles once it gets fixed up!"
by HayyItsRay August 18, 2009
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