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To say something is snead, it means extremley cool or crazy
"what a freakin snead night!!"
"shit is snead."
by HayleyM October 22, 2005
Can be used as a noun verb adverd or adjective. Used when something is extremley bangin or anything off the chain. Can be used when someone says 'daba' because they are jealous of snead. If you would like, You could add any extra letters that are already in snead, such as 'sneeeead', 'snnnnead', etc.
That party was totally snead!
Snead rules all!
Lily is jealous of snead!
you have just been sneaded!
Snead is better then daba.
that shit was snead.
flippin snead
by HayleyM November 07, 2005
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