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A member of the so-called Tea Party who spews the most outrageous nonsense with complete conviction.

Derived from the combination of Tea Party and Crackpot, not that they can be seperated in any way.

Alternate spelling T-pot.
Did you see that Teapot Christine O'Donnell on Bill Maher's show?
by HavaBrain October 01, 2010
Teadious - the feeling you get listening to Tea Party candidates as they take any steaming horseshit of an idea, stick a flag or a cross in it, and call it cake.
I was listening to the Reid-Angle debate last night - that Angle is fucking teadious.
by HavaBrain October 15, 2010
Being the victim of a loud and smelly rip originating from a huge flabby ass.
Man, I was on the bus when I got an ass blast from some fat bitch. I got Flabbergassed, man.
by HavaBrain August 18, 2011
A condition percuilair to Tea Party members. Characterized by a bright red face, fist-shaking, and incoherent shouting. Most often seen in groups.
What's with that guy? Dunno, he is either Tea'd Off or has rabies.
by HavaBrain October 08, 2010

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