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317 definitions by Harry Flashman

An irresponsible father who hasn't the decency to do his moral, legal and ethical duty to support his child or at least to offer token payments of child support according to what he can afford or explain why not and what his plan is to make it up in the future.
I wish my former son-in-law wasn't a deadbeat dad and that the next time he wanted to get a body piercing he'd send that money to his son.
by harry flashman July 08, 2003
230 87
The ultimate dare from which a man cannot back down without incurring more loss of dignity than following through with the actual stupidity of doing the dare and suffering its consequences.
Bubba replied. "Whadaya mean 'no balls', I ain't skeert to piss on no electric fence."
by harry flashman July 28, 2003
173 32
God's punishment for the evil you've done in this life, a preview of what an eternity in Hell is going to be like unless you straighten up your act.
Whats a kidney stone feel like?...imagine someone lubricating some barbed wire with rock salt, shoving it up your penis...then pull starting the barbed wire like your pelvic area was a stubborn lawnmower.
by harry flashman July 12, 2003
183 45
A word that describes something that brings you great joy.
I'm telling you Staff Sargeant Bohannon ain't no more orgasmic job in the Corps than artillery...VT frag over a herd of water buffalo...White Phosphorous on a VC vill....fleshettes nailing a Cong to a Banyan tree. Semper-friggin'-fi!
by harry flashman July 10, 2003
266 142
An expression used to indicate strong annoyance at someone or something, a stonger expression than "frosts my balls."
Getting served stale sweet tea really fucking chaps my ass.
by harry flashman July 23, 2003
127 19
Lesser known synonym for shitload, meaning very many, a whole bunch of or scads of.
That's a fuckload of gasoline you are using to get that brush pile started, Bubba...careful about that little bit you spilled on your cods.
by harry flashman July 16, 2003
156 57
A lower gastro-intestinal distubance that creates a dilemma in the afflicted: Do I need a bucket of water or a shotgun?....Is that a fireball or a mountain lion coming out of my ass?
Sweetie, Quick! Bring me a drop cloth..I have explosive diarrhea.
by harry flashman July 11, 2003
134 39