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Undercover for, "Spark it up", especially used when there are haters or rentals nearby. Refers to smoking a bowl of sweet, sweet chronic buds.
"Yo, toss me a beer and then let's go park it up."
by Harrell April 02, 2009
the act of strolling (walking) and smoking a bowl of marijuana
Yo, lets finish these beers and go out for a bowl stroll, eh?
by Harrell February 10, 2009
The act of strolling while rolling, especially while under the influence of ecstasy. An epic "adventure" which usually consists of walking around the neighborhood completely thizzed out of your mind and smoking mass amounts of cigarrettes. Encouraged to be combined with a bowl stroll.
Yo I'm fuckin beaked out of my head right now. Let's go for a roll stroll.
by Harrell May 18, 2009
Incredibly bomb (high quality) material or substance, especially marijuana.
On Friday let's pick up an eighth of that bombola!
by Harrell February 10, 2009

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