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(n): Your close buddy, homie, friend or partner. Your "ride or die" buddy that you roll with on a regular basis.

Origin: Chesapeake,Virginia
Guy 1: "Who's that with you,dun?"
Guy 2: "That's my stick-man from Virginia Beach, he's cool."
Guy 1: "That's what's up, we can ride out then!"
noun: the lips and mouth of a person who sucks dick; whether it be male or female. Can also be used metaphorically.

Also spelled as Dick-Suckas
"Oh, y'all niggas still talkin' shit huh? Keep runnin' them dick suckers!"
noun or adjective.(n) A very colorful spoken lie. Often used to illustrate a severely embellished story or statement. 2.(Adj.)When a lie is being thrusted in The foreground as being the actual truth, these individual(s) are very adamant that the lie that took place was really the truth; usually garnering for belief and compliance of others in earshot of the conversation(s. See:Lie
Vincent kept shootin' me this "Power Ranger" about getting with that sexy girl from the club last night. Everybody that knows him knew he took her ugly friend home last night!

See how this word is being used. Power-Ranger was launched; do to the fact that he kept runnin' his mouth about getting with a sexy girl. In this particular case...everyone knows his steelo. All he ever pulls are UGLY girls.
(n) refering to your main girlfriend or significant other. Mainly refered to a female. See:boo

Homeboy: "Yo Jey, you look sad tonight, where's ya buns?"
Stick-man: "Man, she's home on the rag yo!"
Homeboy: "Damn, I guess you ain't fuckin' tonight."
Stick-man: "No doubt!"
Mouser(n) or (adj): Any person who kisses ass persistently.
On Police Academy 1 & 2, The ranking officer that always hated Mahoney; his side-kick Proctor was always kissing this Lt. ass...constantly.

Guy #1: Damn dude, why you always gotta be a mouser when Chris come to the hood?
Guy #2: Get off that shit man, I ain't mousin' him...dude be drivin' some tight rides yo! He's the man!
A 2 part definition word. Bougie(n):An upper middle-class black person that possess snobby, rich-folk traits and mannerisms. Ghetto(n): Any black person or community fixated in severe urban areas, whether it be in the city or the country. One of the many epitomes of black cultures.
Combinate the 2 words: A well-to-do black person with underlying ghetto intetions. Usually their in denial of their up-bringing or family true background. When it sneaks out from them then their "bou-ghetto".
It can also be an adjective. It can describe a certain flare in fashion or it can be descriptive as in someone's behavior or actions.
Female 1: "Look at Tanisha with that short denim skirt on and those Prada boots...that looks totally wrong!"
Female 2: "Wrong?! That looks very bou-ghetto, you can't wear that in Baltimore, she needs to take that back to the ghetto!"

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