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To smoke either a joint OR a blunt entirely to oneself, in one sitting. Similar to to the dome but applicable only with weed, man.
Crazy Ian smoked that joint to the face. He was hella blazed.
by Hans Moleman January 14, 2004
Fecal matter that has been forced outwards from one's sphincter. Often found in a cynlider shape, much like a cable.... or basically, to take a shit.
Hold on guys, I gotta go lay down some "Butt Cable".
by Hans Moleman January 27, 2004
In commercials/ads, often famous announcers, celebrities and spokespeople will coin the phrase "my friends at...". In other words, this means that that company pays them a lot of money.
I'm Thom Brennaman, "My friends at Colter Cadillac have the best selection in town."
by Hans Moleman April 23, 2004
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