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Someone of non Scottish origin who has lived in Scotland long enough to pick up the language,slang and mannerisms of a Scot and to the non Scots ear may sound Scottish but is infact not.May even on occassion claim to be Scottish.Usually given away by a twang of their original accent,a healthy complexion or lack of ginger hair.

"Plastic" as in fake.

"Jock" as in commonly used slang for a Scotsman.
He may sound a bit Scottish but hes English,hes a Plastic Jock.
#scottish #origin #plastic #jock #ginger
by Haggis0 July 06, 2009
The act of pumping a few dozen rounds into an already dead body usually on Call Of Duty 4 with the mistaken assumption that its still a live target and just lying in the prone position.
Normally the actions of an overly hyperactive noob.

Common noun-Leadcrophiliac
Jez- Oh s**t!!!!!!!! (excessive gun fire followed by random nade)

Nick-What the hell ya shooting at?

Jez- There was a guy lying in the grass over by that hedge.

Nick-He was already dead you fool,think you are suffering from Leadcrophilia.lol
#call #of #duty #leadcrophilia #leadcrophiliac
by Haggis0 July 27, 2009
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