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A slight hand gesture used to wave for prolonged periods of time (like during a parade)or as a casual non-verbal greeting to friends. With the arm bent at the elbow, the waver turns their wrist back and forth exposing the front and then the back of the hand in a single motion.
I didn't feel like talking so I gave her a quick parade wave as I walked by.
by Hackermom November 02, 2005
A name that you give to puppies that crap all over the house no matter how hard you try to housebreak them.
I rescued two little poopies from the animal shelter. My carpets will never be the same....
by Hackermom December 23, 2005
A person who constantly redefines other people's submissions in the Urban Dictionary.
I posted a new entry in the Urban Dictionary and some redefiner posted the same definition under me.
by Hackermom November 09, 2005
To be wired on caffeine. Have a caffeine buzz.
After 3 Mocha Frappachinos from Starbucks, I was so caffeinated that I organized my sock drawer!
by Hackermom November 09, 2005
Used when people are talking about musical instruments to imply that someone gives head. Play the skin flute
Hey, if we started a band, Juan could play the male organ.
by Hackermom November 02, 2005
To have a excellent shot at someone with little chance of missing. See point blank

Used by Eric Draven in The Crow
Take your shot, Fun Boy, you got me dead bang.
by Hackermom December 23, 2005
Decaffeinated coffee. Crap that tastes like coffee but doesn't give you a caffeine buzz. Waste of time...
Waitress: What can I get you?
Customer: Coffee..
Waitress: Leaded or unleaded?
by Hackermom December 04, 2005
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