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A Peter is a guy who you think is perfect, sweet and charming at first but on the inside he is very insecure but never lets anybody know. He has serious issues with himself and tends to take it out on girls. Has little or no true friends, mostly because he judges everyone and doesn't let anybody close. Tends to overreact and judge. Should go see a therapist. Thinks he is better than everyone and is never wrong. However, once he gets through all the issues he will be truly amazing and you will be one lucky girl.. Be careful with a Peter, hes not your typical guy and you could end up getting hurt or being the happiest person alive. If you had a relationship with a Peter which ended badly you'll think about him forever. He is a truly unforgettable guy in a good and bad way. Learn from him
Peter.. Weird
#peter #issues #therapist #careful #perfect
by HaLane August 04, 2011
that one dude that every girl wants, and is good in relationships, a doug will have a relationship for a long period of time, a doug who is sweet kind sort of odd and has excellent taste in music, every girl dreams that one day they will have their very own doug.
girl: who was that guy who showed you that really cool indie band?!?!?
other girl: oh! that was doug! hes a hottie.
#doug #sweet #music #girl #taste
by HaLane August 04, 2011
A Hayden is a boy who is sweet and kind, he is very vintage but at the same time he tends to try very hard to be liked, and hide who he really is, pretty much a good guy who trys to make himself into a prep boy. and tends to trick girls into thinking he likes them and is FAR from being independent, he strives for popularity and would give up anything even himself to be liked, he tends to like younger girls, a Hayden is someone you can never trust, and someone you should never fall in love with because end the end, he will either hurt you, or he wont and he'll fallow you around like a lost puppy...even after you break up with him, a Hayden may have good features but when you get to know him he also has bad ones, be careful with a Hayden...you're lucky if you have one...for the first month.
person 1: doesn't Hayden like that old band??
person 2: not anymore, he thought he would be more popular if he started listening to goth music.
#hayden #not #independent #try #hard
by HaLane August 04, 2011
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