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adjective: ... crappy, crummy, lousy... closely associated with shitty as extremely undesirable...
" The weather outside is really shitry" ... " "You did a shitry job on this report Bob, you're fired" ... "I feel shitry ... headache, watery eyes, runny nose"
by HVYGEE February 05, 2010
noun - the act of sitting on one's deck, grilling, chilling, drinking socially, and enjoying sunshine and warmth.
1. When Sunday arrives I always plan for deckation.
2. Today's deckation features tropical island cocktails and food prepared with tropical weather in mind.
by HVYGEE March 07, 2010
a foreign object found in granulated sugar containers caused by extracting sugar from the container using unclean utensils or other means
Lacretia!!! I done told you a 1000 times. Use a clean spoon in that sugar bowl...nobody wants your nasty saliva-made sugarboogers in their drink!
by hvygee October 21, 2010

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