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Meaning absolutely, but with meaning. :)
Do you want to go to the movies?

by AWB April 05, 2004
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An expression used to convey supreme agreement.
Mary: Pizza Hut has the best pizza ever.
Carrie: Absofuckinglutely.
by IWillBeYour419 April 12, 2004
Absolutely, with bells on! Has to be said with emphasis.
The UD is abso-fucking-lutely the best slang dictionary on the net!
by w00fdawg September 09, 2005
Comes from the first episode of sex & the city.

A combination of the expressions "absolutely" and "fuck yeah" (absofuckinglutely) that means a very firmative yes
Carrie asks Mr. Big if he's ever been in love and he says "absofuckinglutely."

Big often used this term.
by Naomi December 25, 2004
you can use this word to express the same of 'without doubt'.
- Is it true?
- Absofuckinglutely!!!
by William Warney August 11, 2007
something is so right, its crazy.
absofuckinglutely i blew and flew.
by iwillbohnyou February 09, 2005
To strongly confirm.
Friend: Hey I'm having a party this weekend, you coming?

Me: Absofuckinglutely!!
by Jayshoc April 18, 2013

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