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A "friend" a "bad friend" who cares only about themselves. A friend who gets their way no matter the cost, and who they step on along the way. One might stay in a "frenemy" situation because they are fearful of this person. Also known as a toxic friendship.
Classic example: when your best friend steals your boyfriend of three years she was a frenemy all along.

by HSMF's April 01, 2008
Jean penis often plagues girls' with ill-fitting jeans. This condition is characterized by a large bulge in a typical penis area. This is most noticeable when sitting.
"Staci,I have mad jean penis!"
"yo check out that girl in the mom jeans, she has a bad case of jean penis"
by HSMF's April 01, 2008
A ginger ( see "ginger") characterized by extreme opaque skin as well as hair.
"Katelyn Smith is a transparent ginger"
by HSMF's April 01, 2008
A tanny is someone who:
1. characterized by orange/rough tan skin from repeated exposure to tanning beds.
2. They often travel in packs with other tannies.
3. Frequently seen in Abercrombie clothing, they are only popular due to the superficially enhanced melanin tone.
4. A tanny can also belong to the group "high school hotties"
Although not all high school hotties are tannies. (See high school hotties)

"Hey Jill, I'm doing a project with the tannies, do you think they can be trusted?"

"Bethany, I just saw a group of tannies, they are infiltrating our school!"

"He's only with her because she's a tanny"
by HSMF's April 01, 2008
A nice name for a large zit found on the body
"Can you pop this strawberry chip for me?"
" I have a large strawberry chip on my left butt cheek"
by HSMF's April 01, 2008

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