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3 definitions by HPLando

A beautiful country to visit and perhaps, live in. Full of rich Arabian culture, Syria is becoming an internationally-famous country.
Dude: Yo man, you look happy today.
Dude who's been to Syria: Yo guy, I just came back from Syria. Man, that place is the shit!
Dude: Yo man, I gtg there
by HPLando March 22, 2004
A beautiful Syrian name for the white pearl found in the Medeterranian.

Also a name given to beautiful Syrian girls.
"Safana, are you ever beautiful!"

"Look at that beautiful Safana pearl!"
by HPLando May 11, 2004
Habeeb or habib in Arabic means lover in the masculine tense. Habibi would mean "my lover"
Girl: "Come here, habeeb"
translation:"Come here, love"
by Hplando March 26, 2005