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A list of men in whom time has been invested, sexually.
Girl 1: I don't want to go to that bar.

Girl 2: But you haven't slept with the bartender there yet. C'mon, he'd be a wise investment in your cock portfolio--we'll get free drinks!
by HOEL November 07, 2010
When a girl has had so much sex her vagina needs a rest, and she cannot continue.
After sleeping with half the football offensive line this weekend, the girl exclaimed, "I cunt go on! At least not until tomorrow."
by HOEL November 07, 2010
The collection of underwear a guy steals from the girls he sleeps with.
Three weeks into the semester, I had fucky charms from the entire sorority.
by HOEL November 07, 2010
When a person feels sexually frustrated.
"No guys know what I want in bed," she wined, sexasperated.
by HOEL November 07, 2010
When a son/daughter is intolerable or unlikable, just like their father/mother.
The neighbor boy must be taking lessons from his father. He let his dog poop in our yard again," I said. "The asshole doesn't fall far from the tree.
by HOEL November 07, 2010
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