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PWNxcore-Term mainly used by PREPxcores scenexcores etc. Means Something that PWNS or is more important than normal

She PWNxcore
#xcore #prepxcore #scenexcore #haha #lol
by Gxcore November 02, 2006
defs ems- people who are most definately emo an abbreviation of emo which is abbv. of emotional therefor reffering to people who are deffinately emotional
Person 1: Greg Katie and Amy ARE SO DEFS EMS!

Person 2: That PWNSxcore
#xcore #scenexcore #rawrxcore #pwnxcore #emo
by Gxcore November 29, 2006
Prepxcore- Adj-verb- Prepxcore-Hardcore prep buthangs out with emos scenes etc. Pretents to be emo/scene but really isnt. Uses Xcore as a adj a lot
OMG he is such a PREPXCORE
#pwnxcore #scenexcore #emo #goth #jock
by Gxcore November 08, 2006
A word to protray "Joking around" Anger, bascially RAWR with the extension of xcore
RAWRxcore I'M pissed! jk haha
#xcore #scenexcore #prepxcore #pwnxcore #emo
by Gxcore November 17, 2006
Scenexcore Noun/adj

Used to show or describe a non-typical scenester.
One that is Not exactly scene But dresses in such a way and has a similar manor to scene. Hangs out with Preps prepxcores scene etc.

2.Free spirted Emo
1.Emily c. Is so scenexcore

2. She is like the scenexcore that PWNS the most n00bz
#xcore #scene #emo #goth #yo
by Gxcore November 02, 2006
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