2 definitions by Guy39SD

Adj- Bad information you don't want to know, but have to. Usually related to the diagnosis of a serious disease, car repairs, relationships, etc.
When my doctor told me I had colon cancer, I had to do some necesscary research on the subject.

It was necesscary moment when my mechanic told me what was wrong with my car.
by Guy39SD June 11, 2010
Noun- Annoying upwardly mobile young professionals who incessantly talk/text about nothing of any social value. Usually pertaining to their latest material purchase, who they had dinner with or other inane subjects.
I wish that Yappie would shut up about his weekend in the Hamptons.

If that Yappie next to me doesn't shut up about how many facebook friends he has, I'm going to break my beer bottle over his head.

If that jackass Yappie could quit Twittering for five seconds, he might actually learn something.
by Guy39SD June 11, 2010

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